101 Guide to Instagram Marketing for Business.

Did you know there are about 25 million Businesses on Instagram? You must give serious thought on Instagram to capture new prospects and keep engaging them with your posts.

There are 1 billion Instagram users and Advertising on Instagram is cheaper than traditional paid advertisments.

With the above mentioned fact I would like to draw your attention to how you can leverage the power of Instagram for Business.

1. Add Value through posts

Instagram is a platform of images and Videos. It can engage people through stories, posts, captions. This platform has the highest engagement rate as compared to Twitter and Facebook.Here lies the opportunity to create valuable content that engages target audience. You can create a delightful experience for customers through regular engaging posts.

For example

Fevicol is a brand of adhesives owned by the Indian company Pidilite Industries Limited. The brand is known for humor posts as shown in the image. Instead of posting picture of their product Fevicol brand chooses different direction to engage people through humor, memes or funny lines.



I want to emphasize brands add value to people by posting on Instagram engaging content other than promotional posts alone.

2. Set A Consistent Theme

You need to create a good impression on people through a consistent theme. This helps people to recall your brand details. For a long run it reminds people about the pattern you set while posting the content. I would recommend you to have a fixed color code throughout your content on the website and other social media handles.

Throughout the hashtags, captions , stories and images you need to create unified tone of voice and asthetics.

For example –

The Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances,Michigan, United States. Can you notice something in their Instagram posts?

They are consistent in color pattern, font and design style to all their posts.

whirlpoolusa Instagram

There is no doubt the customers would be delighted to see such joyful posts rather than home appliances promotional post updates.

3. Engage With Audience

You can engage with audience in several ways such as

✓ Participate in comment thread

✓ Reply comment on your post

✓ Run give-aways or contest

✓ Use stories poll features

✓ Give shout outs

For example Chinur Pandya is a fitness enthusiast and fashion blogger. He does an amazing job of engaging target audiences with a New Year Contest by offering gift vouchers with a relevant product promotion.

By give-aways Chinur Pandya creates awareness among the target audience to stay connected with his account for future contest activities.

4. Leverage Influencer Marketing

Influencers on instagram already have an authentic base of target audience. Since they are considered as trusted source of information you can reach out to Influencers aligned to your business niche.

You can create an effective marketing campaign through Influencers to reach the right prospects by leveraging their market penetration. This may save a huge amount planned for traditional marketing methods.

Influencers have loyal followers so just identify the right influencers for your business and roll out your content through collaboration.

5. Run Instagram Ads

You can use Instagram Ads for 2 crucial aspects –

✓ Improve Brand Awareness

✓ Increase Sales

Remember to focus on one goal while you plan an effective Ad campaign. An Ad aimed to sale a product will be different than one focused on increasing followers.

For example

An Instagram Ad promoted by Zell Education aims to capture leads for webinar registration. They have added crisp call to action in caption telling people to register for webinar

Let’s look at 2nd example

Disney+ Hotstar, also known simply as Hotstar, is an Indian over-the-top streaming service owned by Novi Digital Entertainment, a subsidiary of Star India. They have promoted Ads with a clear goal i.e. to get people to subscribe their OTT platforms.


Choose a specific goal, create visual clean Ad creative and promote the Ads from Facebook Ads Manager. I recommend Facebook Ads Manager because it allows you to narrow down to target people with age, gender ,location along with interest and other detailed targeting options.

You can have 2 Ad creative running for an Ad Campaign to A/B test which gains better traction over the other.

6. Make Use Of Shopping Posts

Shopping posts are a great way to show price tags on updated images. This feature of Instagram makes shopping easier. Why? .. because shopping is done directly on the platform.

Above you have few amazing Instagram Marketing strategies but there is still one part missing. Before you apply these strategies you need to have an Instagram Business Profile. Let’s dive into it now!

Instagram Business Profile

An Instagram business account is just like a normal Instagram account. It has additional features such as Instagram insights and Instagram Ads.

A business profile allows you to add your business contact details, location, working hours.

It seems all good so far right?..but it has its own advantages and disadvantages.


✓Allows access to matrices on how your stories and post performed.

✓Can track how your followers engaged

✓ Access to run Ads

✓Permission to add URLs to stories


✓ Termed as Business

✓Organic reach may be less

✓Facebook Ad account must be linked

Create your Business Instagram profile

In order to create a Business Profile on Instagram you need to have a normal Instagram profile. Once you sign up with a normal Instagram profile you can switch to the business profile.

First let’s understand the steps of creating an Instagram account

  1. Go to Instagram website ( instagram.com)
  2. Click Sign Up
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Create a username
  5. Set a password

Alternatively, you can sign up through your Facebook account. If you are using mobile download Instagram App from App store Google or IOS as per your device and sign up.

Switch To Your Business Profile

 Refer images as below, from mobile app

  1. Go to your profile


2. Click hamburger menu in right top corner


3. Click on Settings at bottom of the menu


4. Click Account option


5. Click on Linked Accounts


6. Select Facebook and follow instructions to connect with your Facebook Page. If you don’t have a Facebook page you need to create one. If your Facebook page is already linked follow the next step.


  1. Return to Settings menu after completing above step


  1. Select Account option. Choose Switch to Professional Account



  1. Choose your preference to add details

  1. Once filled with details select Done.

Congratulations! You are set to update all Instagram marketing strategies. Before we sign off just remember these steps before you begin

✓Determine your target audience

✓Choose a theme and unified tone

✓Focus on quality content to post

The topic in itself is never ending, so I would be sharing in depth content in coming months on using hashtags, keymetrics to focus on how to you strategies your content calender for instagram.

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