5 Strategic Ways To Use Facebook Audience Insights Tool Effectively

Social media plays an instrumental role in bridging the gap between brands and their customers. Facebook is one of the popular platforms which allows businesses to leverage the power of social media to interact with their target audience.

Now, let us imagine a simple scenario. You are a newbie in the market and wish to reach out to your potential customers to increase your sales. What would be the first baby step to achieve your goals on Facebook?

Well, the answer is simple. You will be doing the best possible research to get a peep into what exactly your audience likes and what are their pain points. Isn’t it? This is precisely what Facebook Audience Insights tool does for you. It gives you a detailed analysis of the preferences of your audience to help you with targeting your ads in a better way. To enhance the overall user experience, you need to focus on ways to improve social engagement and interaction with your audience. It allows you to get comprehensive information related to purchase behaviour, geography, demographics, gender, device, interests, and more. In short, to find your target audience, you need to dive deep into the ocean of social data.

Why do you think that finding target audience is crucial? This involves no rocket science. In the end, what you really need to do is curate content according to the interests of your users for better ROI and massive sales. You need to continually engage with your users to be able to convert them into loyal customers. That is why using Facebook Audience Insights Tool is indispensable for your business growth.

Investing your precious time and money to yield the best results is possible only when you follow the right strategies for reaching out to super-specific audiences.

How To Start Using Facebook Insights Tool?

There are two ways of getting started to use this amazing Facebook tool.

  1. You can directly type com/ads/audience-insights in your browser window to access the tool.
  2. You can navigate to Ads Manager, click on “Tools” at the top corner and choose “Audience Insights” from the drop-down menu.

How To Select Your Target Audience?

You have the option of choosing your specific audience for better targeting. Three basic category types include :

  1. Choosing all the Facebook users without applying any filters
  2. Users connected to your page
  3. Custom Audience which includes website visitors or people in your email list

How To Use Facebook Audience Insights Filters Efficiently?

Use custom filters to unleash tons of data to get more insights about the specific groups of users. The comprehensive list of filters is as follows :

  1. Location : It allows you to customise by including or excluding particular locations for improved targeting. The default location is the United States, which can be changed.
  2. Age and Gender : It allows you to narrow down your audience with respect to age and gender respectively. It gives you the liberty to select your chosen age group according to your preferences.
  3. Interests : It allows you to connect with users on the basis of their real-time activities and behaviours.
  4. Connections : It allows you to select particular pages you wish to add and exclude the ones you don’t want to make visible.


You can also use some “advanced features” like “Life Events”, “Parents”, “Job Titles” and “Relationship Status” for a comprehensive search. You can apply these filters on the basis of your product/service.

Easy Analysis of Facebook Insights Audience Tool

Four most important tabs used in Facebook Insights Audience tool are Page Likes, Activity, Demographics, and Location. Let us now evaluate each of them comprehensively for detailed analysis :

  • Demographics : It takes into account data on a range of attributing fields like relationships, age, education, gender, job titles, and more.
  • Page Likes : It gives you in-depth peep into categories and relevant pages liked by your target audience. You can then study your competitors in detail to curate content according to the preferences of your audience. This also gives you an opportunity to work on your grey areas and find out what all your competitors are doing differently. Also, the “Affinity” column helps you find out the chances of your target audience liking your page as compared to others on Facebook.

Another important metric for Page Likes is Relevance. In simple words, Relevance refers to Pages that are likely to resonate with your target audience based on page size, affinity, etc.

  • Location : It gives you a peep into the languages, cities, and countries of your targeted audience. This important metric can allow you to adjust your facebook ad budget according to the places which get you more traction and increased engagement.


  • Activity : Get in-depth knowledge about the behaviour and user activity of your selected audience. The two main sections include Device Users and Frequency of Activities.

Frequency of Activities takes into consideration the average number of comments, liked and shared posts, ads clicked, and promotions redeemed in one month.

Device Users can be sub divided into two parts, namely “Primary Device” and “All Devices Used.” You can easily track which device is being used on Facebook mostly. This is important as Facebook allows you to set a budget for creating ads by desktop, mobile, and other such devices. You can plan prudently for your campaign by setting the budget for different platforms. Prioritising can be done on the basis of placing more budget on the device, which gets you more conversions.

How Can Facebook Insights Tool Help You Leverage Your Business?

  1. Easily improve your buyer persona profile

Buyer personas are nothing but the representation of the ideal persona which your customer desires to become. With the data analysis, you can now work on improving your current buyer persona. With all the needed information at your disposal, you can work better on improvising your approach for Facebook Ads. You thus stand a chance to transform your current buyer persona by taking measures to match it up with ideal buyer persona.

  1. Study the demographics data to segment different categories of audiences

Having organised and systematic information in the Demographics tab can help you get a detailed analysis of relationship status, age, education level, job title, and gender of your audience. Now that you have a fair idea about the type of audience you have, you can create personalised ad message to address your audience better. Achieving higher engagement scores can  thus become easier.

You can also experiment by running low budget tests using facebook ad automation to evaluate whether you are getting more click through rates or conversions by changing your content distributing strategies or not.

  1. Deeply analyse your new audience to find their areas of interest

Studying what your new customers like can help you build a robust marketing strategy which would align with their interests. Let us take a simple example to understand this. Supposedly, you are into E-Commerce business and wish to convert your customers. Now, what you can really do in such a situation is study your competitors to learn more about interests and preferences of your new audience. You can then strategize to create the content accordingly. Trying these various techniques can help you evaluate what might work the best for you.

  1. Creating ad campaigns on the basis of your audiences’ device usage

Analysing the data to study more on the device your audience is using is critical to your business growth. For instance, your target users are primarily using mobiles than computers. Then, in such cases, you need to focus more on designing mobile friendly websites to offer an intuitive experience to your users. This segmentation can help you use your budget resources wisely to invest at the right places.

  1. Targeting the right audience on the basis of the location

Observing the trends of changing data is crucial to create personalised ads based on the location. Once you get a peep into the areas which are getting you more traffic, you can accordingly create customised campaigns to target those audiences. This simple strategy can help you convert your users effectively. Apart from that, you can also use various marketing techniques for retargeting your group of audience once you have analysed the right locations.

Hence in a nutshell, invest your precious time and money by following the right strategies for reaching out to super specific audiences. Unlock the door of opportunities for your business with this powerful analytics tool at your disposal. Plan your campaigns strategically and effectively by trying out a mix and match of techniques and analysing your audience behaviour and preferences.