I’m Mangesh Rane, Digital Marketing Practitioner with vast experience in helping brands to grow and stand out from their competitors while achieving their business goals. I have a track record of businesses I’ve helped with topnotch digital marketing solutions. Based in Mumbai, India, I work effortlessly to stay updated in the digital marketing industry so I can serve all my clients better.

By profession, I’m a Mechanical Engineer. This might sound as a surprise, and you may want to ask the same question I always get at Digital Marketing Interviews.

Why Did You Choose Digital Marketing?

Actually, it’s been a pretty long time coming. Yes, I started as an undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering, but I wasn’t finding my ground there. My grades were poor, and my knowledge of the core engineering subjects was low that I even had two drops. I found fun and fulfillment engaging on extracurricular activities including debate, Paper Presentation, Group Discussion, among others. My Paper Presentation skill was blown after winning a few university-level competitions. Then, one of my university professors called me and encouraged me to try my hands on marketing because of the vibes and skills he saw in me.

I’ve always been a determined person who never gives up in the pursuit for betterment and greatness. I set out on my journey towards exploring digital marketing and was curious enough to find many possibilities many people never knew existed in the online world.  After seeing the hype in digital marketing in 2016, my curiosity went to an entirely new level, and I had to explore more. I researched the internet, watched a whole lot of videos on YouTube, and completed Google Ads Fundamental certification.

My Digital Marketing Knowledge Had No practical Basis! I was Shocked

While rounding off with my degree program as an undergraduate mechanical engineer, I learned so much about digital marketing, but I had to face reality after my graduation. I was opportune to be interviewed after my graduation, in line with digital marketing. Boom! It dawned on me that I had only theoretical knowledge without practical knowledge of the digital marketing space and processes. The interview was an eye opener, as I got to understand that I still have a lot to do practically when it comes to Digital Marketing Campaigns and Strategies including SMM, content writing and more. Unfortunately, I wasn’t hired that gave me many reasons to seek more practical knowledge.

LIPS India

My quest to find a more practical knowledge of digital marketing made me find Lips India, and I can truly say they contributed immensely to who I am today as regards Online Marketing. Viren Sir and Swapnil Sir were there for me and showed me the right directions. LIPS India gave answers to most of my queries and cleared some of the digital marketing fears through practical teachings. We set up campaigns, tested them and chose the best-performing ones. I learned practical Ad campaign insights and interface platforms and had every solution at my fingertip. After my stay and studies at LIPS India, I was ready and fit for any Digital Marketing interviews, test, practice and analysis. Apparently, the difference between Mangesh Rane, then and after my practical studies at LIPS was that I found my mistakes, did intense homework and was ready for any digital marketing challenge.

I was up for another interview where I cracked the interview, and showed up unusually. I practically showed the company a Digital Marketing plan with assignments provided to me. Starting from 22nd September 2017, my real Digital Marketing journey began as a profession and each day has been a step forward. I don’t stick to a method and hold on to it till eternity because the digital marketing industry evolves almost every day, and new introductions are seen. Having my clients in mind, I fold my sleeves, go far and above to ensure I stay updated and offer them only efficient digital marketing solutions.

Yes, I’m a Mechanical Engineer, and that profession still rings a message in my head till date. Result matters and all wonders in the automation industry were done by experiments, analysis, and optimization until the efficient machines were invented. This idea keeps me going in my unending research even while I deliver unmatched digital marketing solutions.

From Oct 2018 till date I learned following things –

✓Keep learning each day

✓Every week Analysis

✓My strength and weakness through Ad performances

✓Effective Planning

✓Importance of timeline

✓Importance of effective communication

✓ Setting targets keep me in game

✓ Multitasking is good but focus on targets and work towards achieving these set targets

✓Job is not RND Lab, results matter. That’s why we grow together and better as a team.

I try to stay updated and relevant in the industry, and that’s why I examine my knowledge to find my hurdles and challenges often, say after every two months. I don’t fail to meet up with top experts in the proper industry coaching. No doubt, I’ve come a long way and know what it takes to help virtually any brand online. But, trust me, learning never ends, and I keep learning.

My Mission

Everything has a place, and every place has a thing. Thus every product/service has some core needs to meet, and a defined audience to target. My mission is to bridge this gap effectively with all the best means available through online marketing. I’m committed to helping businesses grow and making consumers feel satisfied. I’m on a mission to help businesses present their products and services right in front of their customers because that’s only the time they can grow.

Get in touch with me today and watch me draw on my experiences and skills to help you shoot your brand into the limelight. It’s not just what I can do; it’s what I do expertly. Your customers are ready to buy from you. With the right marketing strategies and ad campaigns, I spread the good news about your brand and make your prospects find you.

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