Content Generation – The Art of 2020

Content Generation

Do you love to write? Are you the one who loves playing with colors? Are you fond of digital creatives ?

If Yes..than welcome to the creative world of content generation.

It’s an art. But remember if you want to show your art to say about 1000 people on Social Media then let me be honest with you here.. Fact is organic reach is dead in 2020..

Social Media media platforms have literally stopped making your content reach a good amount of people the way they use to be 5 years down.

So here’s my recommendation in this Blog I am going to share what it takes to create beautiful content. Not just creation but also make it reach people. You have to promote your content if you want it to reach people so they can like, share it with others or go further and comment on your update.

World wide there 3 formats of content consumed by millions of people on internet

✓ Video

✓ Image

✓ Text

In combination all the three formats compliment each other.

Let’s assume you have your own website. For the website you require text content, web banners, Creatives , images videos, gifs

For Video content you will require Videographer, Video editor, sound editor

For Image content you will require Graphic designer, illustrator

For text content you will require a content writer.

But the most important part to guide the above mentioned people is you i.e. your content strategy.

To generate Content you need not be expert in creativity all you need is your research work, idea and rough blueprint.

Let’s start with a simple example.

Assume you want to update a post on Social Media relevant to your Business or anything that interests you.

You may go through the following steps if you aim to make your post superb

Choose a topic. Research about the latest trend, news about the topic.

Which tools will you use to research about your topic? Here are few tools

 ✓ Google advance search filters

✓ Quora – Forum of questions and answers

✓ Ubersuggest for keyword research


I can go on and on about the tool but just want to highlight that you may go through research worth 100+ content updates from above mentioned tools over the internet.

Out of the research work you will short-list the best trending worked ideas that people responded well on Social Media or in the News.

Got the idea! What’s next? A differentiating factor. What are the qualities of your Brand that sets the Brand apart from others. You must meditate around it. Understand the pain points, emotions of the people,create your posts with content that would inspire,emotionally touch them.

Now it’s time to create a rough print of your content to share with a graphic designer. You may hand draw and provide a few image references to the graphic designer.

Write a high engaging caption that strikes conversation. You are all set now to update the content on Social Media. Make sure you promote the post to reach about 1000 people. If your post receives likes, comments there are higher chances it may be pushed to more people. It may become viral you may never know!

Use the same technique for Video creation. Strategy first in-depth Creation later.

Once you get the grip of it you may master generating content that attracts prospects to your business.

Content Creation is an Art that generates Sales when done with a good Content Marketing Strategy!

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