Effective Strategies To Grow Your Business On Instagram in 2020


Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn already exist so why to focus on Instagram Business Account?

✓ 300 Million Stories are used on Instagram every day

✓ Every month about 800 million people use Instagram

✓ 80% of people follow Business on Instagram

With the above facts Instagram has a good engagement rate when compared with other platforms. It provides opportunities and exposure to personal brands, influencers and Business to connect with prospects.

Let’s look at how you can use Instagram Business Account effectively to connect with people to build trust through adding value.


Connect + Engage + Build Trust + Add value + Built Highly interested follower base + 20% Promote = Leads + Sales + delight + Retain + Resell

Note “Post Engagement ” means any action taken on post is called post engagement. It may be likes, comments, clicking on a link

Let’s set up the base right before we start implementing the strategies.

Update a Profile Pic for Business Instagram Account

Profile pic on instagram is a reflection of your Business logo. A good impression of the profile image may increase your followers.

Use a high resolution Brand logo image with a symmetric view from the centre. Use a contrast background color to give it a good look.

Be consistent with a color theme in your posts and profile pic. This drives a uniform tone of voice which improves brand recall factor.


Stay updated with the latest trend, for example, Instagram story circle is the latest going trend. Influencers use this form of creativity to stand out for a good impression. This is recommended to influencers, personal brands, trainers. Refer the image below


Image 2


Recap of 4 steps on profile pic 

✓ High resolution logo image

✓ Contrast color formula

✓ Uniform theme for brand recall

✓ Stay updated with latest trends

Have A Good Bio about your Business

A good Bio of your Business can create impact to drive more followers. It can determine a strong reason why people should follow your Business profile on Instagram.

Use core long keywords that describe your business at the top of the bio. Put emojis as it’s good practice which increases the engagement.

Add a call to action for people to follow your Instagram Account. Instagram allows you to add only 1 clickable link in the Bio section.

You can Add your website link or latest event link so people can explore more about your business through the link.

All the recommendations are valid not just for Business accounts they are  also relevant for personal and creator accounts.

For example Aishwarya Tours first line of the bio describes what exact Business they are into. They have used Emojis to give a personalized touch to Bio. At the end they have included Call to Action appealing people to their Business profile on Instagram



Here is the 2nd example of a Digital Marketing Institute I-Strategist. They have placed an Email Marketing Webinar link in the Bio so people can register for a webinar.



Here is recap of the trick you have seen above

✓1st line Long tail core keyword (2 hashtags recommended but not to use more for better people’s experiences

✓ Use emojis to make it personalized

✓ Add a Call To Action ( CTA)

✓ Add a link ( website or any relevant link)

Use Instagram Stories Highlights Effectively

Stories have the life span of 24 hours but you may have stories which are important. You can save such important stories as Highlights below the Bio section of Instagram account.

Instagram Highlights main feature is to save instagram stories permanently on the profile.

You can add as many Highlights you want. There is no limit to it but each Highlights can have a limit of 100 stories.

Highlights As in Website Menus

To use this feature effectively consider Highlights as your Business website. Your website may have navigation menus such as Home, Contact Us, About Us, Services , Reveiws.

You can use this website navigation menu technique to update Highlights on your profile.

To start with your Business account Highlights you can have About Us, FAQs, Contact Us, Case Studies Highlights.

Attractive Highlight Cover Pic

Use 1 cover pic to describe Highlight stories. To stand out and set a good impression it’s recommended you have a custom Highlight Cover pic. Tools like Canva can provide you free solutions to have Custom Highlights cover pic. Keep your Highlights Title short.

Once your set of stories are updated as Highlights on profile there will be a steady increase in your Stories views. Its because you specifically drive people to check out your Business Highlights. Main part about this feature is you can add a Call to action in your separate Highlights which can give your Business personal messages.

For example I-Strategist, Digital Marketing Institute uses Highlights feature to drive visitors for their workshops details.




Recap of 3 tricks of Story Highlight

 ✓ Consider Highlights as in Website menus

✓ Create Attractive Custom Highlights Cover Pic

✓ Add relevant  Call to Action to Highlight Stories

Instagram Post Engagement Strategy to gain followers to your Business Account

 As per research people find images with Humans attractive as compared to vector images. It increases engagement rate, hence try to put Humans in post Creatives wherever relevant. Have a high resolution clear image.

Keynotes  for higher engagement to posts are as follows

✓ Focusing on interest of the people and not Business sales

✓ Product or Services are not about the company, it’s about the consumers. Your content must aim to inspire them.

✓ Create inspiring, useful, celebrating, topical content that focuses on prospects

Post captions are equally important to engage people.

Caption of a post must strike a conversation with people. Also includes follow us Call To Action so new people who read your caption may follow your Instagram account if it interests them.

For example the caption updated by Ashwariya Tours superbly engages people with amazing details of travel destinations. It also encourages people to visit these places. The Account has also added a Call To Action to follow them to get more such destinations updates.



In 2020 three format of posts are widely used

✓ Image

✓ Video

✓ Carousel

60 sec videos are the great way of making people engage with your post. Carousel is a format where you can have 10 images that slides left one after the other.

Carousel Format as shown below provides an extra space to share details creatively in sequence. This feature is trending and used by many Businesses on Instagram.

image 7


Update different types of post content on your Business Profile to understand which type of posts people respond well.

You can have following type of content updated as post

✓ Image Post

Having simple images of your working area with people in the office or sunset from your workplace, garden anything that’s beautiful would interest people to know about your work space.

✓ Behind the scene post

These types of  posts, videos are already famous when it comes to movies. You capture an image while work was going and update it later may be after couple of weeks as Behind the scene

✓ Posts from team

You are running a Business. Different teams collaborate to work on the task. Once in a month you can have a Fun friday session encouraging team members to share their group activities images. These types of post can have great engagement from the team members

✓ Educational Post

You can add value to your customers by giving tricks, tips and hacks that would save their time while they use your product or service. You can share 1 min walkthrough educational video

✓ Influencer Post

Influencers already are popular on Instagram with their fan base with million above followers. If your Business products or services match with their topics. You can collaborate with Influencers to get extra reach. Influencers fan followers can turn your potential prospects to sales your products/ services

✓ Motivational Posts

You can upload a story of a team member that’s inspiring through a 1min video. Share the message to the world that might motivation others to live a successful life

✓ Entertaining Post

Entertainment is highly valued and cannot be missed. Create Entertainment posts in a form of games, quiz, competition, contest. Only update such post when you have good amount of followers and engagement on your Business Instagram profile.

✓ Trending Topical Posts

Google trend, Google News is a great tool to analyse trending topics in your niche. Create posts over a trending topic which will have a positive impact on your followers. Avoid religious and political content as they are sensitive elements of society which may off track your core Business value.

✓ Holidays/ Festive Post

Have your content calendar in place, note all significant festive seasons, special days of the year. Plan your marketing campaign in advance and post it as the festive season or Holidays, Special Day arrives. You can run offers at such occasions or update creative posts with wishes to your followers

✓ Promotional Post

Build a strategy of posting 2 promotional content out of every 10 updates on Instagram Business Account. Too pushy about sales posts create a negative impact on followers. Adding value to followers in 8 posts out of 10 creates a trust between brand and audience.

Try this posting pattern to increase your Business Instagram followers and post engagements –

 ✓ 2 posts per day ( 1 post at around 10.30 to 11.30 am, 2nd post between 7.30 to 8.30)

 ✓ 3 instagram stories per day

 ✓ 1 video content per week

 Power of Hashtags

 Technique of Hashtag allows your post to reach people beyond your followers. It helps you in 2 ways, one by improving the visibility of your content and other by discovering others content updated on Instagram.

Hashtags provide an exposure to your posts. When used properly it can increase your engagement rate and profile visits that may lead to increase in followers.

You can use Hashtags in Bio,Stories and posts. Instagram has a limit of using 30 hashtags on every post. To look your caption neat you can update all Hashtags in the comment section.

It’s important you use branded Hashtags for brand recall. Add Hashtags which are relevant to the content of your post. Avoid like4like or any irrelevant Hashtags that are off topic. It may provide a temporary boost in likes but are not a good impression for Business in the long run.

Here are few tips to use 30 Hashtags Effectively

Use 10 Hashtags which are used 1 million times, use 10 which are in range of 500k to 1 million, use the remaining 10 with combination of branded Hashtags and used less than 500k times.

By implementing above tactics there is a good chance of increasing your post reach, followers  and engagement.


Instagram Analytics Tool

Instagram Creator Studio is superb tool that helps you

image 9


✓ Schedule Posts months in advance

✓ Respond to Instagram messages

✓ Access Advance Instagram insights

Instagram Creator Studio provides following details that will help you to know the response received on each post

✓ Age group, Gender details

✓ Day and Hour insights

✓ Cities and Country insights

Once you master the above points there’s a higher possibility to increase followers, engagements on Instagram posts.

Wrapping up

We have covered Profile pic, Bio Section, Story Highlights, power of Hashtags and post content strategies, analytics to grow your Instagram Business Account. Have a consistent post schedule, reply on comments and personal messages. Using the Techniques mentioned above you may see higher engagement rates on your posts. Grow your follower base organically by connecting, engaging and retaining. This will increase your sales steadily as you build up solid trust with your followers by adding value to them through your Instagram Business Account.

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