How Digital Marketing is Important for Business

Digital Marketing is Important for Business

Few years ago people use to have hoardings, banners, pamphlets, cards, print paper distribution as medium of Marketing. These mediums still exists today.

When above mentioned mediums are used there is no specific record of how many people saw the banner, how many people took pamphlets out of which exact number of people made inquiry.

Inshort above methods dont have a proper tracking system. They dont provide details by which marketing can be done more effectively as soon as a person has to contact business.

But with Digital Marketing its possible for you to track your marketing spend. Not only this but by running an online Ad for about 3000 ruppess you have details such as

1. Age of people responding your Ad

2. Time duration when your Ad received max interaction

3. If ppc Ads placed on Google you can have details of what search query people typed to click your Ad.

4. Devices people preferred while they saw your Ad

By having this precise information business have more insights which help them to tweak their next Ads to get better marketing ROI by running initial test Ads.

22% worlds population uses Facebook.
48% of people say they made an online purchase directly from Facebook Ad.

The best part for small business that works here is they have equal opportunity to compete with blue chip gaints, business only because of 1 thing. Guess whats that?

Ability to hold attention span of people while they browse on Facebook, Google and other online platforms.

An amazing Ad promotion with sharp, eye catching Ad that creates an impulse and trust can allow it to share across 1000s of people.

The Ad platforms policy is the more people interact on your Ad it will push it to much greater auidence.

By that fact if more people see there is huge chance higher number of people will interact. Digital Marketing costs can reduce significantly as Ad format and Ad content is chatchy, gets the pulse of people browsing through Facebook, Google and other online platform.

But lets stick to one reality fact

Since attention span is reducing due to short form of video bits. As there are many video content creator on the rise. It have increased the competition and thus grabbing attention have become challenging through content. Driving peoples attention to a content and hold it for few mins have become extremely expensive.

If business can have an expert content creators and good Digital Marketing strategist they will befinit great returns from Ad spent.

Business might get leads for sales or inquiry with power of digital marketing with low cost as they have strong foundation of creating superb content.

Digital Marketing is vast it consists of 4 main parts


1. Search engine optimization

Through this you rank your content based on keywords on search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube.

Higer your website visibility on first page of Google better are chances of people to drive on your business website. This way people can make an inquiry to your business or buy products or services you sell.


2. Pay Per Click

Its Ad promotion system where you are charged only when people click on Ad placed.


3. Social Media Marketing

Placing Ads on Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn so people can discover Ad while they are browsing through their news feed or in message Ads, story Ads. Social Media marketing itself is vast for online promotion.


4. Email Marketing

Sending promotional emails through email marketing platforms or existing email of business can be termed as email marketing.

Email marketing is powerful tool when used after an inquiry or sales have taken. This increases trust and engagement rate as email increases personalization.

Businesse can leavrage above mentioned Digital Marketing technique for branding , generating leads for business.


In nutshell digital marketing when backed with defined content strategy can provide deeper insights of prospects. These details help to place high targeted Ads which have greater ability to attract, engage and retain customers for driving sales.

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