How do I start a Career in Digital Marketing

Start your career in Digital Marketing by first searching free available resources.
Go through following things to get intial idea of digital marketing.
1. Google Ads certification
2. Hubspot Inbound Marketing certification.
3. Youtube videos about digital marketing
Once you get rough idea about it you are set to explore free available options such as
Create Fb page, instagram, tweeter, LinkedIn account. Start updating relevant content that aligns your interest or you have expertise.
Main part is here. Digital Marketing is practioners task. You have to implement as much taken things from YouTube on free platform.
Now if you are getting grip of it and kind of have affinity to know more about digital marketing its right time to have your own website.
Have your own website and start blogging. Update content of your expertise.
For example look at this what you are reading. I am digital marketer. I write blogs and content on digital marketing. I share relevant information on what i practise in my blogs or contents I update across website and social media.
Once you have website now you will enter hardcore zone to explore pillars of digital marketing world.
Pillars of Digital Marketing world are as follows and dont get confused with xyz modules sub modules. Long story short this is digital marketing pointers
1. Search engine optimization
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Pay per click, Display Marketing
4. Email Marketing
To understand these pillars I would suggest to either go for digital marketing training class or apply for internship.
Remember one rule YouTube is your free guide so make sure you watch all past 1 year max ,2 years videos of digital marketing. Practice on your website.
Once you start doing this you will stick with many relevant process questions. How to do this? Why its not functioning? Which tool should I use? How to add code?
More questions you have better for you to learn.
Make list of those questions. Now either join class or get intern setting right expectations about your doubts.
My personal experience I did Google Ads certification on my own at home. Went for 3 interviews. Failed as didnt have any practical skills.
Came to know what exactly I miss. Joined a class for 3 month course. I asked relevant questions in the course. Cleared basic concepts through working on my own website.
After completion of course I again went through interviews. Got rejected in 1 but didn’t give up.
I connected to my professional networks. One of my connection worked as Marketing Manager in blue chip wel known company. He gave me few tips.
In next interview I applied his advice and make digital marketing plan. I gave presentation to well known brand company across pan India.
I was selected based on my ideas on how we can bring potential leads to business in three months through digital marketing.
I just gave you one perspective of how you can start your career in Digital Marketing.
There is tonnes and tonnes of content out there to provide many perspective. I would recommend to be around great mentors.
Since Digital Marketing is about practising its advisable to devote minimum 3 hours in learning about digital marketing trends, case studies, blogs.
I highly recommend to be active on LinkedIn as its only relevant platforms for professionals to connect. LinkedIn can help you save tones of time will finding a solution if you are determined to connect to people and request for solutions or at least get proper directions.
Once you are ready for job hunt for digital marketing make sure you have active LinkedIn profile.
For India Naukri job portal is doing good I guess as I receive regular calls for job opening.