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Easy steps to create your website on wordpress -there are plenty of Videos on YouTube right?. I went through a few videos on YouTube created wordpress website but didn’t get a right look and feel.

For the Mangesh Rane website I wanted to have a consistent theme of color. Website which I built had limited options to play with colors. That’s where I arrived at a deadlock even after 100+ revisions done by watching video from YouTube.

I lacked coding, web development knowledge due to which I wasn’t driving a solution. I got in touch with a good web developer, I shared with him my website blueprint got it done!

Amazing websites can be built on wordpress without coding no doubt in that but it provides limited features if you are going for free solutions. Due this you may not be able to customise as per your plan.

I work on my owned multiple websites but for Mangesh Rane web development below following things were set ready

✓ Images – Web banner, Profile Image, Blog Banners , images in blogs

✓ Text content for each blog, profile section, menu navigation pages

✓ Site Logo with proper dimension

For free Images I recommend you to access free stock images sites such as

✓ Pixabay

✓ Pexels

✓ Unsplash

✓ Stockvault

✓ Reshots

For creating your site logo you can try your hands on

For the Mangesh Rane site I created a logo from a professional logo designer.

Before content uploads on site I had planned the cluster of topics. These topics were segmented into different Blog categories such as


✓ Search Engine Marketing

✓ Social Media Marketing

✓ Search Engine Optimization

✓ Email Marketing

✓ Brand Importance

✓ Personal Branding

✓ Content Marketing

✓ AI in Digital Marketing

Mangesh Rane Website is categorised as a blog site that aims to share tips, tricks and hacks on digital marketing. Predominantly it focuses on providing solutions to small, medium, large enterprises for creating strong digital presence.

Website is built up with a Content Management system of WordPress as it’s an easy to use platform.

It provides options to add plugins to enhance site with additional features.

I used following plugins

✓ Yoast plugin for ON page SEO

✓ Header Footer plugin to add codes

✓ MailChimp plugin for email platform integration

✓ Elementor plugin to build Landing pages

✓ Updraft plugin for site backup

Creating this site had mixed journey. It was fun in beginning, deadblock in the middle later finding a good web developer at reasonable price. It was challenging but at the end I learnt alot in the whole process.

I am not a natural content writer but its a learning curve once you start a task with passion you learn the process and tackle small obstacles as and when they block you.

What are the tasks that keep this site active?

✓ Content writing

✓ Image Update

✓ On page SEO

✓ Topic Research

Here I wanted to share you Mangesh Rane web development journey and hope you like it.

If you hav any queries regarding a wordpress site feel free to reach out to me, would love to assist you 🙂

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