What are the Good ways to learn to become best digital Marketer

Planning about becoming a best digital marketer is very easy.
In fact its almost more than two years I have the strategy of becoming a best digital marketer.
What’s stopping me! Why I am not able to do that?
Execution my friends execution is difficult.
If you know to scale up business through digital marketing then you can be a best digital marketer.
Good ways to learn become best Digital Marketer is not an out of box or an innovation. You dont have to re invent the wheel. You have to follow successful people learn their motives.
Find out what they do why they do and there you are with listed ideas on paper.
You will get all ready made solutions from them ask me how..
Which ever domain you want to achieve success in Digital Marketing may be real estate, fashion, education, auto vertical just do competitors analysis by googling best websites.
Fill an inquiry capture either techniques label each step understand what makes them better.
Note these labels and there you are with your own better version of it with brand new recipe.
Was it difficult ? I will tell you whats an obstacle here.
You will need right people and tech support to operate it. You will have problems on giving the tasks to appropriate person if its not in your control.
Things such as
website changes
Code installations
Setting up tracking
There may be any issues that you may not be able to handle will cost money, time and energy.
Once you become great in leading these operational part you will start having grip of projects.
Digital Marketing is for practioners. Those who you are like auto mechanics or engineers who love to get their hands dirty to fix up things to make it work.
It is also an art because it has an element of Advertisment. Ads are unlimited ocean of creativity.
Lets focus on what to learn to become best Digital Marketer
Three things Mind set , skill set and tool set.
Mind set is about pyschology and strategies on digital marketing. Its blue print to attract, engage and delight customers as mentioned in inbound Marketing philosophy.
By the way go through Hubspot Inbound Marketing certification. Its free and worth to gain Marketing insights.
Skill set is about how to excute the strategies. What steps to follow and what steps to avoid. Types of experiments to run. Your experience, knowledge and analytical thinking will be included in skill set.
Tool set is about which platforms to use. Your media planning, google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads your call on driving results through relevant platforms and appropriate techniques to drive maximum returns from amount spent on online Advertisment and content creation.
Apart from learning other aspect to focus on is networking. Connect with all type of people and not just successful people visible across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
Connect with people on LinkedIn and start to talk about your queries. You may get lot of knowledge by following just normal working professionals. They work in and out in media agencies, mnc or start ups. They have their own share of experience to pour.
Dont forget to add value to them. As a team we grow together. As a team we can sail any ocean!
There are many ways to learn become best digital marketer but be clear on what you want and keep long term focus while you plan.
Remember best digital marketer knows to get best returns from amount invested on Ads spent or content created and shared across internet.