What Exactly is Digital Marketing?

Long story cut short. Digital Marketing is gaining max returns from money spent on online Ads or content shared.
Sharing right information to right people on right platform at right time.
Digital Marketing is used
for selling products online
for generating inquiries leads for services
for branding that is to create awarness about about product or service
for personal branding for example trainers, consultants, business coachs, fitness coach
Digital Marketing have following dimensions to simplify different areas

Search Engine Marketing SEM

Online Ads promoted on Search Engine Result page is known as Search Engine Marketing. Its mainly focused on keyword targeting.
People type a search query on Google for example these may be termed as keywords so Ads are shown on those set of queries may be termed as Search Engine Marketing. Google Ads, Bing Ads can be used for SEM.

Social Media Marketing SMM

Product or services online Ads promoted on Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter, Redit can be termed as Social Media Marketing i.e. SMM

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Process of bringing your product or service or your website on top in Search engine result page i.e. Google search query page id search engine optimization.
When you have to search for particular information you type a query on Google whatever websites you see on Top are optimized to match your relevant query to help you find proper information you are looking.
SEO doesn’t include online Ads. Better your website on top of search page higher are chances of people coming to your website to buy product or look for service.
Since its free of cost to rank on top for competitve keywords may take considerable amount of time.

Email Marketing

You can promote your product or services through email. In other ways you can make people visit your website through Ads or SEO ranking.
Show them relevant information. Build trust through adding valuable content. Ask them to provide you their name and email address.
Once they share these details you can create a subscribers list. Once subscribers list is created you can segment them as per their interest.
Promote them products or services you offer as per interest shown by them through email. You can use this by using email automation tools like aweber, converkit, sendgrit, mailchimp
In Digital Marketing there are more aspects such as mobile marketing, mobile app optimization , content marketing. But I have summarized above the fundamentals of Digital Marketing.
Let me tell you why Digital Marketing works better?
You can have a tracking system on website
You can get data of people reacting on Ads and website
You can optimize running Ads as per data you analysis
You can run multiple tests to attain desired results
This feature of Digital Marketing enables opportunity to get Max returns from amount spent on Ads or content shared through website.
All seems so good right? Well you will have spend amount on few things to make Digital Marketing work for you and they are
Website development
Content creation
Video creation
Ad creatives
Ad budget
So wrapping up in all digital marketing can provide you max returns on amout spend only when you have proper plan with specific goal. I recommend to have long term plan instead of chasing immediate result.
Lets say out of 100% of amount allocated for digital marketing give 60 percent to Paid promotions, 20 percent to content creation and 20 percent to SEO google ranking strategy.
As you get good outcomes from paid promotion keep investing in SEO small portion from the returns gained from Ads until you create authority in market across competitors.
Aim to reach max people of your target group with minimum price and get more sales or leads for business.