Did you know that your brand needs just the right approach to grow even beyond your imaginations? That sounds too broad and unrealistic, let’s bring it down. Did you know that your brand needs to find its audience and solve their problems before it can grow?

Welcome to my world! I am ready to help you revolutionize your business through digital marketing strategies.

Literally, you don’t just know what is wrong with your business, perhaps you’ve employed some crude and digital marketing strategies, and you’re yet to see significant results. I know that feeling! Can I tell you something? You’re not alone. Many people who went into business quite long ago are yet to break even. In fact, they’re having double minds about continuing with their businesses.

Have you ever wondered why your competitors are always ahead of you in your industry? Take a look at the past through to your current business activities; it seems your competitors have been doing way better than you. Ranging from customer acquisition to creating brand awareness, promotion and sealing deals, you appear to lag. Say no to that today! Every business is meant to grow, expand their customer base, interact with their customers through engaging campaigns, make more profit and increase through competition, and if your brand is finding it hard to achieve these, you’ve got the solution now. I am here to take you through the journey of growing your brand by creating enticing campaigns that add value to your customers, making them get proper value for time invested in interacting with your Ads. Your customers need to interact with your ads, feel happy and understand how you can help, I can help you achieve these.


Digital Marketing Is The New Wave

If you run a business today, despite your industry, and you don’t tap from the countless benefits of digital marketing, you’re missing out greatly. If your existing Digital Marketing efforts are not just giving the right outputs, or you feel something is missing, don’t fret. There are always scopes for improvement and optimization; tweaking and testing are all part of the journey to success in business. Let me guide you through close and expert observation of existing efforts and results, and then proffer expert and efficient solutions.

I’m Mangesh Rane, the digital marketing practitioner. I draw on the unending benefits of the digital world to create new access for your business and put your brand right in front of your audience. With a vast knowledge of the digital marketing, I know how to revolutionize your brand and leave you with improved sales and a loyal customer base. My digital marketing efforts are customer-centric. I understand that customer satisfaction remains the best outcome of online marketing efforts, and happy feedbacks/reviews are signs of reward that marketers need not to worry about time and resources invested in promotion. That’s why I work to earn your brand great reviews, build long-term customer relationship, and give you the best value for your investment.

Guess what? The entire world is fast growing digitally. While some are way gone, others are still on the process of catching up. But one fascinating thing is this, no matter where you operate your business, you can still enjoy the benefits of digital marketing. In fact, your potential customers are already searching for you online. Why not put yourself where they can find you without hassle

Do you run a business, whether small, medium or large enterprise?

Do you have any or a combination of these problems?

  • You find it hard to establish a strong online presence for your brand
  • Attract more prospects via digital promotions
  • Expand your reach to the right audience on all available online platforms
  • Converting your social media followers into prospects and relate with them often
  • Creating a digital business presence that creates long-term excitement ad nurtures them forever

Here’s the bitter truth; your brand can never grow with these problems. You just need to deal with them before you can grow your business. Suffice it to be that you need a digital brand consultant and strategist to proffer bespoke solutions and help you implement these solutions. This is where I come to help.

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I am on a mission to contribute EVERYTHING I’ve learned over the years, while meeting with professionals, partnering with digital experts and helping business, to assist your brand to grow. My mission is never short-termed, I’m bent on ensuring I help you shoot your business into the limelight through efficient digital marketing processes.

What Can You Get From Me?

✓ Long terms ways to maximize your business reach

✓Techniques to nurture an ever – growing list of business prospects

✓Understanding which shortcuts to avoid and why they suck for Business

✓Integrating of automation in acquiring prospects from online promotion

✓ One on one discussion of your online brand audit

✓One on One discussion of your SEO report and how to strike zero position on google website ranking

✓Free Customized Digital Marketing plan for your business

When we agree to have one or more of these solutions implemented on your brand to ensure its growth, I deliver like it’s my business. Of course, I only grow when I help your business grow, that’s what I believe. I don’t just draw on obsolete digital marketing ideas or technologies. Instead, I go far and beyond to ensure that I show you why I’m known as a digital marketing strategist, on each project I handle.

I test-run these new solutions to know how effective they are before I implement them in my clients’ business when necessary.