What is Digital Marketing Strategy

Before you think about digital start to note down ideas as marketer.
Once you figure out few ideas as marketer you can than figure to apply the same on digital platforms.
Marketing revolves around 4P
Let me tell you how you can start. All ready? Here we go..
Think yourself like a Business Owner. Assume you sale  products or provide services. Now think of 4Ps.
You wil research about your competitors.
You will start looking right place to sell your product or service. Now I dont need to mention next move.
You may figured out after deciding proper place where people may be likely to purchase your product you would like to either have a bill board, signage, standee or kiosks anything that will set an impression of your products in front of those people.
People will see these Ads you placed and may purchase it or make an inquiry right.
Some what similar technique is used in online marketing.
Digital Marketing is being present and promoting at right place on right time with right target people.
What does that mean? Was it total bouncer? Let me  simplify it for you.
First figure out who are your target prospects
Do a competitor analysis and figure out keywords people search on Google to buy product or services.
Analysis their interests
Analysis on which platform they spend most time.
If your promotion based of B2B or B2C.
Is LinkedIn suitable for you or Fb promotion will drive better results.
You will have do thorough research about it.
Once you have precise details of it. Analysis target location and its demographic culture to promote product or service.
Initially you may have to run test Campaigns to get pulse of market in that target location.
Once you get data of these test campaigns you can optimize further Ad campagins with what worked in earlier test Campaigns.
Innovative and creativity is crucial part while you formulate Ads and its graphic content.
Make sure you have researched 500 ideas about what competitors have done or what you can do to place amazing Ads.
You have hardly 5 secs to attract people’s eye ball while they browse the content.
All game lasts in these 3 to 5 secs. Make sure you make best impression of Ads.
Once you have set of audience engaging on your Ads and taking desired action you can retarget the once who haven’t purchased your product.
This will increase your promotion Ad recall and bring in me sales or inquiries for services.
Retargeting achieves great results to drive good returns on your Ads spent.
It can significantly reduce 30% of Ad budget  from time you first started your Ad promotion.
Its good practice to go omni channel while you run Advertisment. This boosts Brand impression and gives uniformity.