Which is the best digital marketing course

You will have to work hard on your own because no course will assure you fix set of formulas. Marketing itself is dynamic so no course wont teach you but your own experience will help you reach a learning point.
If you google there are thousands of online and offline Digital Marketing courses. I assure you    they are best at marketing themselves.
I myself did a digital marketing course but I was lucky enough to get few brutal truths of life before  I joined the course. These truths helped me to ask relevant questions in the course and prepare myself for best which landed me a job in a level known brand company.
My Journey to get Digital Marketing Job
In 2017 I did online certification Google Ads as they were and are freely available by Google.
Thought I am all set to become Digital Marketer!
Ah ha really , Mangesh what you were thinking? Just gave some theoritical exam and thought your of being Digital Marketer?
Went to interviews and here are questions asked to me which I miserably failed and why I will explain later ..
Whats difference between Digital and Social Media ?
Whats the brand message of xyz product?
Name competitors and what makes you think they are competitors?
Create new content Ideas for xyz product
Elaborate Content through Ad copies from FB, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
Do SEO audit of xyz website and send us report of your observations and recommendation ?
There were many questions asked to me in my 4 interviews. I was rejected in them. Above mentioned questions are the only important one which I felt to share with you all.
Now why I failed ?
When I did Analysis I came to know I dont have any practical handson knowledge of Media planning, Media Operations. This is when I was hungry to find answers to these questions and that was only time I decided why I need a Digital Marketing course.
Why? Because I want answers of all those questions and off course practical hands on experience.
After completing the course and even today after 2 and half as Digital Marketing working professional I face same challenges of questions  mentioned above  but I am confident enough through work I have done to drive results.
Here’s my recommendation to you before you pick up any Digital Marketing  course. Go to Job Portals look for Job descriptions try out yourself to know first. Get rough set of pointers what you want course to help you with so you can grow in digital marketing career.
Its challenging at the start  but later its more of fun and opportunity!
Your strategies your ideas your skills!