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Digital marketing seems interesting to me. I like the online process and customer journey of buying a particular product or service through Google and Social Media.

Right from when I began my career I was curious to know how all these dynamics work behind.

I raised the right questions, my mentors gave me proper direction. Slowly my curiosity turned into a mission and vision. I got a grip of  Ad technologies on various platforms through work experience and experts guidance.

My vision and mission became scaling small businesses, medium size businesses and large Enterprises through the power of digital marketing.

Now let’s understand how I worked upon this domain mangeshrane.com. We have formed a group of like minded people who are interested in digital marketing.

For this website tasks such as graphic designing creativity are done by a  superb graphic designer. 80% of core topic content on the website is written by me. 20% of the content is provided to me by expert content writers in my group. This content which you are reading right now is being drafted by me completely.

Website was developed by a good web developer from the group.

I just want to highlight the whole concept blueprint of this website was my idea to come up with a platform where entrepreneurs, businesses, digital marketers will find topics to help them grow in their journey to drive leads, enhance sales, retain customers. I create content which would help people establish their personal brand and become influencers through strong digital presence.

Following tools I use for this Mangesh Rane website

  1. Google Tag Manager

google tag manager


This is a great tool which helps me to put Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook pixel tracking codes on to one platform.

Google tag manager saves a lot of my time when it comes to updating a code behind the website.  I can set a trigger for a desired action taken by the person visiting a website through GTM tag.

  1. Google Analytics

google analytics

Google Analytics is another great tool that assists me in analysing people’s behaviour on my website. I update Google Analytics code in Google tag manager. This tool has features of Acquisition, Behaviour Goal setup.

I set a funnel through Google Analytics by setting the relevant goals. Through Google Analytics I analyse from which Region, Device, Channels, website visitors are landing on the site.

  1. Google Webmaster Tool

google webmaster tool

Google webmaster is a good tool to audit internal links, external links. I use it to analyse on which search queries my website content ranked and what was its position.

  1. Mailchimp & Convert Kit

 Website pop up is created from MailChimp.

Forms in blog content are created from Convert Kit.

I capture leads through forms and create an email Automation to schedule emails who optin for my email list.

  1. Facebook Business Manager

facebook business manager

I have installed Facebook pixel tracking code in Google tag manager to collect website visitors data. It helps me create the group of  audiences as per visitors actions on my site.

Through a content marketing strategy I use the above mentioned tools to reach entrepreneurs, digital marketers, businesses with relevant topics. I add them into my email list to share tips, tricks to grow their business through digital marketing.

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